Beautiful Coconut Macaroons for Valentine's Day

Beautiful Coconut Macaroons for Valentine's Day

Possibly the Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever

We probably don't take as much time as we should to tell the special people in our lives just how much we love them. And while sending someone a box of the best coconut macaroons ever is just a small way to tell someone that you love them, it's surely a wonderfully tasty way to do it.

This Valentine's Day, send someone you love a box of these gorgeous coconut macaroons dusted with red, pink, and white sanding sugar. They look like beautiful macaroon jewels and are the perfect little way to say "I love you."

Looking for other options for Valentine's Day?

Check out these chocolate dipped coconut macaroons:

delicious chocolate dipped macaroons topped with pink and red sprinkles or an assortment that includes these pretty ones and the chocolate dipped ones.