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Bean to Bar Chocolate Dipped Macaroons


Ritual Chocolate Park City, UT

We've been fans of Ritual's chocolate for some time now and are so excited to be sharing it with you.

Ritual's collection of single origin chocolate, carefully sourced from among the best cacao beans in the world, is a natural fit for our macaroons. Just like our coffee partners like La Colombe, Birch Coffee, Toby's Estate, and others, Ritual takes great pride in finding the best beans (cocoa, in this case), and coaxing a finished product out of them that best reflects the terroir from which they came.

The Peru 75% was the chocolate from their lineup that we thought best paired with the macaroons. It's a little floral and herbal, which meshes well with coconut's tropical essence, while the roasted peanut and stone fruit notes complement the toasty, caramelized exterior of the macaroons. We think this is a nice pairing; a great introduction to Ritual if you've never had their chocolate, and a thoughtful alternative for those who are already familiar with Ritual.

These will only be around for a couple of weeks.


Starting in April '16, we're going to feature one chocolatier and one of their amazing chocolates in the form of a special chocolate dipped macaroon. After a month or so we'll move on to a new chocolatier and showcase something different. We'll run this program for April and some of May, shut it down when the weather gets too warm to reasonably ship fine chocolate, and then restart in September/October and run it through April of 2017.

These are a little more expensive, but we worked really hard to get great deals from our partners to keep things within the realm of manageable. Just understand what you're getting though:

This is some of the absolute finest chocolate made in this country. You know that that's expensive. We're talking about chocolate that can be $10 for a little bar in a specialty shop in town. This is really really nice stuff, made by people, like us, that have committed themselves to making the best products in their industry. It's expertly crafted chocolate, created by people who love what they do, for people who love what they eat.

This kind of partnership doesn't normally happen, even within the scope of small, craft products. A lot of you love Tate's cookies - but you can't get Tate's cookies made with bean to bar Askinosie chocolate. You can't get your artisanal granola made with Dandelion chocolate. These things just don't exist. It's too expensive, the quantities are small, people don't care. But we care. We think this is special. And we hope you do, too. 

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