Are Coconut Macaroons Kosher?

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Contrary to popular belief, not all coconut macaroons are Kosher. There's really no reason for them to not be Kosher though as all of the ingredients - whether you're looking for coconut macaroons with sweetened condensed milk or if you're looking for a dairy free option - are readily available with Kosher supervision.

In general, it comes down to whether or not the bakery near you produces Kosher coconut macaroons under a recognized Kosher supervision. A lot of times supervision can be quite expensive, especially Kosher for Passover supervision, and so that represents a real hurdle for some local bakeries when deciding to make Kosher coconut macaroons (or other products).

All of the coconut macaroons from Danny Macaroons are Kosher and supervised by United Kosher Supervision. You can be sure that when you buy coconut macaroons from Danny Macaroons that you're getting a special, premium macaroon made to the highest standards.

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