Are Coconut Macaroons Gluten Free?

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Are Our Coconut Macaroons Gluten Free?

A lot of people ask us if our coconut macaroons are gluten free and we pretty much always answer "yes, for sure, our macaroons are definitely gluten free." While our facility isn't gluten free, our recipes contain no gluten whatsoever. Our coconut macaroons are naturally gluten free. 

We have sent our product for testing and it's always come back as having a gluten amount under 5ppm (the lowest possible score - it's essentially zero and as low as the tests can reliably read).

The only time our macaroons aren't gluten free are when we're making out Coconut Stout Macaroons. We use Gun Hill Brewery's Void of Light stout in that macaroon and since the beer isn't gluten free, neither is that flavor. We do, however, make that flavor separately from our other macaroons in order to limit the potential for cross contamination.

We used to make a S'Mores Macaroon with graham crackers, and so obviously those weren't gluten free either, but that was over 5 years ago and those graham crackers are long gone.

Are Macaroons Always Gluten Free?

Definitely not! While there's literally no good reason for a macaroon to contain any wheat flour (or other carbohydrate filler), lots of recipes for coconut macaroons exist that contain flour. You should definitely be sure to check labels and ask questions if you're concerned about gluten as coconut macaroons way too often contain gluten. In fact, many specialty stores and high end grocery stores sell macaroons that are not gluten free, leaving those who want gluten free coconut macaroons at a loss. Or having to look for raw macaroons, which is definitely not a substitute for delicious, freshly baked coconut macaroons.

What About Baking Coconut Macaroons at Home?

If you take care to keep your macaroon ingredients safe from gluten, you can definitely make gluten free coconut macaroons at home. Our recipe is 100% gluten free and you can easily make macaroons, especially gluten free ones, without having to worry.


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